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About Fishiology

Welcome to Fishiology – your ultimate destination for all things related to fish-keeping!

Michelle J. Martin

Fishiology was founded by Michelle J. Martin, a long-time freshwater fish enthusiast with a passion for sharing knowledge about this fascinating hobby. Over the years, Michelle has dedicated countless hours to studying, learning, and experiencing firsthand the joys and challenges of fish-keeping. Her mission? To help fellow hobbyists create thriving, healthy environments for their aquatic pets.

Michelle’s love for freshwater fish began at a young age, and over time, she has nurtured and honed her skills. Her journey has taught her the importance of equipping oneself with the right knowledge and tools to ensure the well-being of these wonderful creatures. Coupling her passion for fish-keeping with her love of writing, she decided to create Fishiology, a comprehensive online resource for both novices and seasoned fish-keepers alike.

At Fishiology, we are committed to providing in-depth, research-based care guides for a wide variety of freshwater species. Our content covers everything from setting up your first tank, choosing the right fish, feeding, and breeding, to diagnosing and treating common fish diseases. We aim to help you understand the unique needs of your fish and how to provide the best possible care for them.

So whether you’re just starting your journey in fish-keeping or you’re an old hand looking for new insights, Fishiology is here for you. We invite you to dive in, explore, and join us in our shared love for the magical world of freshwater fish.

Happy Fish-Keeping!

Michelle J. Martin